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Examples of decorative, frosted and privacy films in use for glass finishes throughout the home.

Perfect for bathrooms, glass shower screens, front doors, balconies and anywhere around the house that privacy or a customised decorative or frosted finish is required.

These are some examples of recently installed works. We can customise any of these ideas to suit your decor or design intention. You can choose from our standard design, supply your own picture or purchase a stock photo for printing.

These solutions are applied to your existing glass making them an affordable retrofit option – and of course, easy to change in the future if your tastes change.

Balcony and ballustrading frosting

Frosted window film balcony privacy and decoration.

Creative use of a vine pattern cut into 3M Frosted Crystal to create balcony privacy. You can see that this gives privacy while still allowing light transmission and an impression of the world below. The vine pattern was customised and designed to the clients’ requirements.

Decorative Film with pattern cut for Balcony Privacy

Stunning wave design creates privacy and enhances this balcony space. Seen here from below you get an affect of how private it is.

 Decorative bathroom frosting to enhance your style

Frosted Window Film Window Privacy from the Neighbours.

When the neighbours built a two story behind the existing home – privacy on this window became a necessity. Rather than settling for a solid block, the owners decided to add a touch of personality and nature to the windows with the birds on a tree branch. Customised, produced in Perth and sized to their needs and professionally installed – this job only cost $225. It is installed in Hamersley.

Bathroom Window Digital Print on Dusted Crystal for Privacy

Working with our client in suburban Perth we created this cust swirl pattern on 3M Dusted Crystal to give privacy to their bathroom window.

This unique feature gives excellent privacy to their previously clear window and is printed in a couple of shades to give a depth and interest that enhances their decor.

Long lasting and waterproof this is a great addition to their home.

Shower Screen Dusted Crystal Privacy

Customised scroll pattern with relief electronically cut into 3M Dusted Crystal etch on shower screen door for bathroom privacy.

This design reflects the style and granduer of the home, but still allows the shower to feel light and airy – plus give you privacy while in the shower.

Normally we apply the film to the outside face to facilitate easy cleaning on the inside and a great long term appearance.

A reminder of family traditions in a new home

The all aussie owners of this new home in Hillarys wanted a personal reflection of their family heritage in Malta by including this iconic street scene in their new home.

This digitally printed image on 3M Frosted Crystal creates a warmth that reflects the old country in a modern bathroom.

Bathroom Square Privacy Pattern

This beautiful modern bathroom fitout is accentuated by a privacy panel of frosted crystal with a clean modern square design to the top and bottom to complete the look.

You will note that the shower screen still looks great and has the modern feel that the bathroom was intended to have.

Printed frosted etch privacy to bathroom screens

The all glass bathroom shower and toilet looked good until they moved in and realised they wanted some privacy. This customised digitally printed pattern on frosted delivers the perfect solution.

Privacy screen in bathroom that reflects the owners style

Reflecting the waves on the ocean, this personalised cut pattern on glass surfaces in this modern bathroom reflects the owners style.

You will notice how the pattern has been designed to flow from the shower screen to the toilet door and continues on to the window at the same height!

Front door privacy

Creative solution for a clear glass front door

This customised box-in-box pattern gives privacy and style to this glass front door. Our range of patterns can help you express your own personal style for your home.

You note that the privacy film is still allowing the natural light to enter the room, but makes it hard for prying eyes to see what you are up to inside! Can you see the visitor at the front door?

Entrance door with Frosted privacy and box design

Style starts at the entry portal to your home. Working with the design team at Refined Edge Homes this entry statement matches the clean lines of this modern home in Wembley Downs.

The design gives privacy, plus a light and airy edge that still lets you see who is at the front door.

Decorative Kitchen Ideas

Decorative Kitchen Cabinet Feature

Decorative image printed on 3M Dusted Crystal and installed to glass kitchen cabinet doors to obscure the contents of the cabinets.

This helps to hide the odds-and-ends that you store in the cupboard and makes your kitchen look tidier. The image itself can be customised to you taste and the style of your kitchen.

Decorative Laundry Ideas

Digital Laundry Image on Frosted

This custom image printed on frosted obscures what’s behind this glass panel, making the patio a nicer place to sit.

Digital print on linen cupboard

Dress up a plain linen cupboard with a customised digital print. The picture can be any subject you wish to the size required – doesn’t this look more inviting than a plain door?

More examples can be found in the Graphics and Signage tab.