Window Privacy Film - Window Frosting

Benefits of DMS Window Tinting

There are many benefits to having professionally installed window film applied to your home, office or car. Our clients are generally seeking solutions to their problems with heat, glare, UV and privacy – and we have a suitable and tailored solution for nearly every situation.

We evaluate every situation before making the best 3M window film solution for our clients.

That is what makes a DMS solution different in the Perth market.

UV reduction

All of our films will reject 99-99.9% of harmful UV rays entering your home.
This protects your family’s skin and your furnishings from one of the major causes of fading.

Heat reduction

3M Window tinting is designed to reject heat at the glass – before it enters your room – helping to keep you cool and reduce your air conditioning costs in hot summer months.

Glare reduction

3M Window tinting will reduce the bite from the harsh Australian sun entering your home, making rooms more live-able and keeping the sunnies for the outdoors.


From solar films for daytime privacy that still allow you to see out to decorative film solutions for all-day privacy. If it’s your home, bathroom, front door or office we have a solution.

Glass safety

3M Ultra security film is an invisible barrier to keep your glass together in case of accidents storm or attempted entry. We have a range of levels of protection for your glass.

Heat retention

Our 3M Thinsulate window film keeps the heat and the warmth in. It has the effect of turning your single glazed window into the performance of a double glazed window.

The 3M Difference

There are many reasons why 3M™ Window Films are the preferred choice for consumers all over the world. Here are five good reasons you need 3M™ Window tinting on your home, office or car.

Advanced Technology

3M™ invests heavily in R&D. Bringing all of these benefits together to produce a superior window film requires the ability to apply very thin, optically clear coatings. 3M™ Ceramic films feature a single layer of ceramic material, providing excellent visibilty. 3M™ Prestige films utilise nanotechnology to combine over 200 layers into a film no thicker than a single sheet of paper.

Colour Superiority

3M’s™ Ceramic, Prestige and Night Vision films achieve their colour without the use of dyes. Dyed films will change colour and go purple or fade over time, making them unattractive and reducing their effectiveness. The Ceramic and Prestige films also achieve their excellent performance without the inclusion of a metal layer, whcih can be susceptible to corrosion in coastal environments.

Experts in adhesives

3M™ is a world leader in adhesive technologies. 3M™ also produces the adhesives used in the manufacture of it’s window films. These adhesives provide a unique combination of optical clarity, fast drying, a long lasting bond and simple removal.

Leaders in abrasion protection

3M™ is well known too, for it’s expertise in abrasive materials – think sandpaper and Scotchbrite™ scouring pads. This understanding of how materials can be abraded has resulted in window films that are highly resistant to the effects of abrasion.

3M™ Manufactures polyester film

3M™ is one of only a few window film manufacturers that produces it’s own polyester, including it’s patented microlayer and colour stable technology film.